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100% AI Lagra bhai ...


Who agrees ke bro bht unnecessary or irrelevant details me chle jata?


Why is it breaking you?I mean because your country is poor I mean ambani is earning his money and he's spending on his son What's wrong in it?I mean if we are earning money will spend it on ourselves not on others obviously


10:28 I have watched the original video but those are not babas and the person beating them is not rajat dalal either. Those were fake babas who were asking fo money but didn't even know the name of Lord Ram's brother or anything about Hinduism at all.


This movie is a propaganda by the same people whose ancestors formulated 2 nation theory that arabic cult followers cannot live with others. What happened now? I guess generational inbreeding as dictated by their cult causes to forget the crimes committed by their 1 generation earlier or due to economic issues are now desperate to mend relations with non-arabic cult followers.


Tu hai kon bkl


can anyone tell me the name of outro music ?


Opening song translation: "Your Aunt is a Sl*t, she roams cities and villages and has 100 boyfriends"


Bhai ab toh flames 🔥 😂 continue kardo


Samay was earlier not ready to join Comicstan S2, but Aakash was the guy who convinced him.


Breath krne ka tareeka casual hai😅😅😅


Suna hai soudi wale ayyashi karake bhik deke Gaye hai porkiyo ko 😂


Farrukh got legs?


Episodes is such an underrated show


The girl is same in both movies 😂😂😂


Hey, you should react on mile Sur mera tumhara old one


Bhai ne 'gyat' bolke cringe ka dhot pila dia 😂


06:12 farrukh bhai down horrendously BAD😂


Gupt rog matlab ...sexual disease..or disorder.