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Shriraj More

Bhai... Don't get disheartened. I am from India but that doesn't stop me from watching your honest reactions. It is okay even if you don't play those videos... We still would like to hear from you how you felt watching Indian videos.

saksham devrari

Bhai samay raina......bhai plzz uski video pe react kro


Round 2 hell dumb deaf and blind plz ❤️❤️

AS 2005

You should rename your channel to Honest reactions as it will suit you more to the personality

Medicos Larva

1959 round2hell per bhi react kar do


Bro react on round 2 hell please yaar

uncle snoop

Make a vlog


Bro reacts to R2h please ❤️ love from india ❤️


Different countries and their economic activity:
China= manufacturing sector
India=service sector
US= international wars
Europe= automobile industry

Pakistan= Reaction channel on india😋🤣

(meme mil gya Farrukh bhai react karo aur paise banao!)

abhishek Sinha

R2h aladdin reaction video please


Bhaijaan NZ to moot ke chala gya puri bejjati kaarke Pakistan ki


Was here to watch your reaction on the bar scene 😂

Shivam Yadav

React on r2h ..

Nis Ws

Khud ki country ki maa cudi padi hai aur dusre ki country pe opinion de rhe hai ye...are inki maa ka bosda, kaun poochta hai!

Frosty Fox

Round 2 hell ka koi Video dekho..

101 Rapper

Video quality

Revin Ray

This show is like something you've watched a 100 tines yet you haven't. It's the same slapstick comedy but it's still different, does that make sense?


Harsh taken all of his team members in that webserise.
Ashish only take tota and simran from his team and Other are acters that's the reason why they are looking more permissible in the show.