I have been dabbling with the Indian Rap Scene for the past week or so and I am very pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

The talent and the passion is REAL. And that’s what the rap game really respects globally.

A big thing that I couldn’t help but notice was that everyone involved in the recent beef was giving more importance to the art and not the background or religion or caste or status of the artist. This really gave me hope and helped in me becoming a fan. Indian new age rap is LITERALLY bringing people together even when it’s all about Diss tracks and rap battles. The beauty!

Artists like Divine, Raftaar, Neazy are setting new trends ablaze and those flames are spreading fast among the youth.

I have personally become a fan of this new and booming genre in the desi music industry. It isn’t really about being a gangster or glorifying crime, most of the music is about some kind of human emotion, things like hunger, revenge, poverty and money are the main topics for songs and that just makes one think nicely of these artists and their art.

I have to confess that out of all the rappers that i have checked out yet, M.C Stan reminded me of Famous Dex the first time i heard his song WATA and I truly enjoyed watching the video and listening to his bars.

Click Here for the reaction video.


Stay tuned to the channel for more reactions.

I have yet to see Dino James and nEazy.


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18 thoughts on “Divine, M.C Stan, Raftaar, Emiway and The Whole Indian Rap Scene

  1. Please react on Raftaar’s song Mantoiyat from Nawazzudin’s movie Manto. It is Kickass and you are definitely gonna love it.

  2. Bro, listen to jungli Sher, teesri Manzil by divine. They are two of his best songs. If you want to avoid copy strike from Sony. You can do a review of these songs, instead of a reaction.

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